How to Choose A New Home

The single biggest reason most people buy a home is the simple desire to own a home of their own.

What’s different is each individual’s wishlist of essentials; from the number of bedrooms, to school districts we can help you create a comprehensive list and go from there.

What’s The Right Home For You?

Ideal Price
You found your dream house, but is that house the right size for you and your family’s budget? Are you comfortable with the monthly payments you’ll be obligated to make? Houses always have repairs after closing, will you have enough cash for incidentals and moving expenses?

Condition and Age of house
Along with price, the condition and age of the home should be a top consideration. Does the home need a new roof? Electrical wiring? Plumbing? A fixer-upper home with lots of potential can be a great find or a money pit. Will you be able to meet the financial challenges and live with the mess and inconvenience while the home is being brought up to your expectations?

Size and configuration
Is the house the right size for your needs and does it have the right combination of bedrooms, bathrooms and other living areas? Does the kitchen have enough cupboard and countertop space? Is the garage wide enough and deep enough for your vehicles?

Does the house have a central heating system? A central air-conditioning system? Are those climate controls important to you? Are the windows large enough and positioned to create cross ventilation? If the house has two stories, are you comfortable with the idea of walking up and down stairs every day? Is there a downstairs bathroom (and bedroom, if needed) for guests who can’t navigate the stairs?

Style & Neighborhood
Is the design and architecture of the house too modern or too traditional for your preferences in furniture and home furnishings? Is there a neighborhood association? Evaluate the proximity to important locations in your life. Make sure you feel comfortable in the area. Drive around at different times of the day and night to observe activity and noise levels. When purchasing a home, you are investing in a community.

Resale potential
People move to a new home every five years, on average. If you wanted to sell your home or were forced by unexpected circumstances to sell it, how easy would it be to find a ready, willing and able buyer?

Do you really want a swimming pool? High-maintenance ornamental trees? Commercial-grade built-in kitchen appliances? Expensive hardwood floors? Some homes are easier to visit than they are to own. Know the features you want and don’t want in a home.


Find your next home

Find your next home