Why Premier Realtors

There are several reason why Premier, Realtors are different from other brokerages

Premier, Realtors is a practice based on trust, respect, skill, experience, and a keen awareness of our client’s lifetime value, as well as our own.  As Real Estate Consultants, we invest 100% of our time delivering first-class service to our clients. Most real estate “salespeople” spend more than 75% of their time looking for new business or the next sale, rather than providing service to their clients.

As Consultants, we invest 100% of our time in providing our clients with extraordinary service. We will always offer our advice and options, rather than offering our “opinion” as a normal salesperson would.  We know that our continued business relies on you referring your family, friends and business associates to us for advice and straight talk on buying and selling real estate. Our vision is to build life-long relationships with our clients, and your endorsements are the lifeline of our business.

We optimize all of our resources with worthy marketing plans, quality one-on-one interactions and an incomparable after-the-sale service program. These are all finely implemented with effective systems and processes so that we are able to create a wonderful experience for all our clients from beginning to end.

We are viewed as trusted advisors, skilled problem solvers and as visionaries.  We contribute to our client’s lives regardless of their situation by serving not only their transactional and emotional needs, but by continually looking for ways to bring added value to them and into our relationship in fun, new and innovative ways.  We are eagerly endorsed and recommended by all of our clients to those in their sphere of influence, because we have a relationship based on trust and earned confidence.

We are joyfully creating – in our practice with purpose, warmth and a sense of fulfillment, which is positively impacting all other areas in our lives.

We endeavor not to be your superstar, be your Super Servant.

We do so much more than sell real estate!

Here is our fun list of our ABC’s

A                Appraisers/Asset Managers

B              Building Managers- (Rentals and more coordination)

C              Client Relations Executives

D              Disposition Negotiators – (Estates, Defaults, Foreclosures)

E              Environmental Consultants (Lead, Asbestos, Radon)

F               Farm Investment specialists

G              Government Compliance Officers

H              Home Improvement Advisors

I               Internet Information Filter

J               Joint Venture Experts

K              Key and Security Officers

L               Legal/Contract Form Specialists

M              Mortgage/Loan Analysis/Fee and Rates

N              Negotiation Experts

O              Owner Financing/Office Leasing

P             Portfolio Managers

Q              Quantitative Analysis/Questions with Answers

R              Retail Leasing/Retirement Investments

S              Security Analysis/Crime Trends/Starter Home Consulting

T              Tax Advisor/Information (AD VALORUM/IRS)

U              Underwriters, Assistants

V              Vacation Rental Advisory Services

W             Web Page Marketing/Warranty Advocates

X              X-Pert Researchers

Y              Yield Experts/Your Personal Representative

Z              Zoning and Codes advisors/Zip Code Demographics