Biggest Foreclosure Crisis in Country

Foreclosure Sign on HouseFive years after the biggest foreclosure crisis this country has seen, there are still a lot of distressed properties on the market. Despite five years of experience and insights, there are still a lot of misconceptions about short sales.
The reality about today’s housing market is that people have many questions, but not a lot of answers.

As an agent, I know that a short sale can save sellers from a devastating foreclosure. It’s simply a better solution for a homeowner in distress (upside down on mortgage) than a bank repossessing the home.
But now, banks have also realized that short sales are a better option for their own bottom line. They are shifting away from sales of bank-owned homes, often preferring pre-foreclosure short sales. Lenders are even starting to approve more aggressively priced short sales and provide substantial homeowner relocation incentives up to $35,000; it still makes the lender more money than an REO sale.

I have helped a couple receive $2,500 in relocation assistance and payoff an IRS lien on their homestead. We are able to help. Don’t delay, call for personal advise on your situation.