Ready to sell your home?  Think buyers will be excited about the warn carpeting in the den, or the leaking roof? Want to bet whether they’ll offer full price when they see drain cleaner under the kitchen sink or water spots on the ceiling under the upstairs shower?

Some sellers believe the solution to resolving buyer concerns about their home’s condition is to offer an “allowance” for repairs.  “Buy our home at the asking price, and we’ll give a $2,500 carpet allowance  at closing” they suggest.

What do buers see when the seller makes that offer?  Worn carpeting.  Leaks.  Needed repairs.  Offering compensation for future changes doesn’t change the here and now for buyers.  It just doesn’t.  Quite often, it causes the buyer to make even lower offers.

So– here’s the message.  If you want to receive top dollar for your home, complete all needed repairs and maintenance before placing your home on the market.  Inspect your home from top to bottom, roof to foundation- then get to work.  That includes caulking around the tub, replacing broken switch plates, and making sure the doorbell works.  Add fresh paint, new or steam-cleaned carpet and organized closets to your list, too.

If showing your home requires excuses, your work is not complete.  Pay attention to the smallest details, as will your buyers.  A “no excuses” home will reward everyone!