Take The First Step!

Dislike Rejection?  You can assure yourself of a rejection-free home-buying experience in one short step.  Simpy ask the real estate agent to arrange a pre-qualification interview with a mortgage lender.

To pre-approve a loan, the lender will require three types of information: 1) employment verification, 20 creditor information, and 30 repayment history.  It is wise to attend the meeting armed with details about creditors, amounts owed, account numbers, employer’s name and contact dates and bank accounts.  The well-prepared buyer will gain the attention of the loan officer resulting in positive consideration.

Based on the information provided, the lender can often issue a “conditional” commitment on the spot, including a maximum mortgage amount.  this provides the buyer with purchasing power, as well as peace of mind.  The final loan approval, of course, is subject to verification of all information provided.

Several satisfying benefits occur once a buyer is pre-approved for a home loan.  First, guesswork is eliminated about what price home to purchase.  Second, with a loan commitment in hand, the buyer is able to negotiate from a position of strength.  Finally, there is no doubt or fear of rejection involved relative to loan approval.

Sellers naturally want to receive offer from motivated, qualified buyers.  They recognize the importance of selling to buyers with financial strength, and will generally give more positive consideration to them.