Why Should You Use A Real Estate Agent?

Question:  We’re thinking about putting our house on the market, and wonder if it’s worthwhile contacting a real estate agent.  What exactly would an agent do to earn the commission?

Answer:  A good REALTOR is worth the commission many times over.  When you hire an agent, you receive assistance in three primary areas: property evaluation, marketing and contract negotiation.

The agent will assist you in determining the proper list price for the property, as well as inform you how to prepare the property for showing.  This would include suggesting minor repairs and cosmetic fix-ups which would be important in attracting a buyer.

The agent can determine how to best advertise the property, pre-screen buyers and qualify them financially.  This frees the seller from being housebound, waiting for the prospect who fails to keep an appointment.  It also assures the seller that only qualified buyers are touring the property.

 When the offer is made, the agent’s services become paramount.  The agent will help the seller evaluate the strength of the buyer and the offer, analyze the terms and conditions of the contract and bring the sale to a successful closing.