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Make Money with Real Estate Investment Properties

Our Waco real estate investment properties are carefully chosen in markets where home prices are low, rents are high, and profit potentials are through the roof. 

Now is a great time to invest in a rental homes.  Low home prices and low interest rates make this a great time to become an investor. I am seeing the best investors build larger rental portfolios. Their reasoning is to hold them until banks start lending on more FHA. I am seeing the investor do all the repairs that would be required for an FHA loan, then rent. This will continue until the market turns and prices begin to increase.

Currently, our realtors are able to help investors find fantastic prices under market values. Our investors who are ready and able to make cash offers quickly have been very successful at obtaining homes at incredible discounts.

Investment Property Analysis:  Our specialist will provide you with a detailed ROI on each potential purchase, it helps you determine Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate), Gross Rent Multiplier (GRM), Return on Investment (ROI), Net Operating Income (NOI), forecast the income, expenses, and after tax returns of an income properties.  Very useful for those buying income properties.

Would you like our buyer investment specialist contact you the minute Premier, Realtors list a distressed property or would you like us to start find those investments for you?  Click Here

Let your investment real estate property be occupied by great renters who send you big, fat rent checks every month! You can own this dream. It’s neither too costly nor too complicated anymore!  Our property managment will take care the rest!